Every year we transport from Poland <-> Italy loads with a total weight of more than 15 000 tones. Not only do we take full loads, but also groupage. Moreover, we do not refuse to transport even a few boxes. Organization of cargo transportation on the fixed route is a flagship activity of the RENDER company. To suit all needs we also transport the hazardous materials ADR!

Our groupage line runs in a regular rhythm - the whole transport process closes in one week. This allows our customers to plan delivery in advance, thus ensuring comfort and confidence. Loads are picked up daily in Poland, and their delivery in Italy falls on Tuesday or Wednesday next week. In the case of transport from Italy, it is picked up from Wednesday to Friday and delivered to Krakow on Monday. Cargo for customers from other regions in Poland is delivered within following two days.

We are able to take orders from places located far away from the main roads, and this is due to the cooperation with partner companies having forwarding warehouses and courier services in Poland and Italy.

Each year, we serve hundreds of satisfied customers. Many of them have been working with us for many years, prooving the quality of our services.